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The History of Symmeter and SymFace

Both Symmeter and SymFace are a result of research and interest in applying symmetry measurement and viewing to real-world problems. In an early 1990's issue of Omni Magazine, an article on facial symmetry mentioned using a technique of bi-lateral symmetry to analyze faces. The article cited the book Reading Faces, by Dr. Leopold Bellak and Samm Sinclair Baker. I spoke with Dr. Bellak about his book, and always had an interest in developing a system that would enable a person to use this technique to see their own face as if it was perfectly symmetrical. Reading Faces went much further with analyzing personalities based on the technique, whereas SymFace is purely for fun and entertainment value. After all, who can resist the temptation to see yourself in this way?

In early 2002, I finally found the time to devote to this and the idea that led to SymFace was resurrected. I tried to contact both Dr. Bellak and Samm Sinclair Baker to tell them of the project, but unfortunately both have since passed away. Though their book is now out of print, you can usually find copies at various booksellers and auction sites. It is interesting reading nevertheless.

In thinking about SymFace and planning its implementation, I began to research and found some interesting opportunities to utilize mathematical and programming techniques to perform a measurement of symmetry. While it seems like common sense stuff, I've yet to find a similar tool available. Symmeter was designed as a web-based tool for bi-lateral and radial symmetry`measurement that is simple, yet useful in a number of industries and applications.

I hope you find using Symmeter and SymFace both interesting and useful. It took quite some time to complete, but we've certainly enjoyed working on bringing them to you.

Dave Davis


Dr. Mike Jones, a great technical mind and all around nice chap provided much of the heavy lifting on the programming. Mike's Ph.D. is in Computer Vision and Robotics, so this stuff doesn't even cause him to break a sweat. Nevertheless, his good and thorough work has contributed greatly to bringing Symmeter and SymFace to you. Thanks, Mike.

A debt of gratitude is also owed to my long-time editor and usability expert, Katherine Chapin, from whom I'm learned immeasurably over the last 20-odd years.

Licensing Opportunities

Both Symmeter and SymFace are copyrighted work and protected intellectual property that are available for licensing. If you'd like to discuss licensing our technology for use on your website or as standalone applications for research or commercial use, please contact us. You'll find our licensing fees to be very reasonable.

The licensed version of Symmeter offers some very important additional capabilities, and both Symmeter and SymFace can be easily tailored to the look and feel of your site.

The licensed version can also be used on a desktop PC and includes:

  • Support for an image stage of any size
  • Large image support (on-line version is limited to 100k file size)
  • Additional Area of Interest choices for measuring irregular areas
  • Customization instructions

Please contact us for more information and pricing.

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