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What are some of the uses for Symmeter?

Symmeter has many potential applications. Wherever it would be helpful to determine a level of symmetry within a digital image, Symmeter can provide value. Here are just a few applications:

  • Cosmetic or reconstructive surgery, where the ability to compare or measure the symmetry of a body part would be helpful

  • Gems and precious stones can be analyzed for symmetry of cut

  • Industrial applications such as a micro-measure of a machined part to ensure proper tolerance and fit

  • Quality inspection and assurance for mass produced items to ensure conformance to standards

  • K-12 math and science curriculum on concepts of symmetry

There are many other uses for Symmeter. Have an idea for a novel use of Symmeter? E-mail us and let us know about it!

What about SymFace?

While we'd like to say that SymFace is a serious business tool, it's really just for fun and entertainment. While SymFace is just an amusement, the underlying technology does have some serious value if applied to other types of use.

For instance, you could use SymFace to take a picture of something you're making or altering, and need to know how close it is to being perfectly symmetrical. Whether it's a piece of pottery, a hand-carved model, or a machined or milled part -- the ability to observe the symmetry of the object can be very helpful. While Symmeter can actually provide a measurement for this purpose, many people are visual by nature, and would like to see it to check as they refine the object. SymFace can be used in this way today -- just take a digital photo of the object, and use SymFace just as though you're mirroring a face.

Can I use Symmeter or SymFace on my website?

Yes. We have a licensing program for Symmeter and SymFace, so that we can offer it for use on a website or as an application that can be used on your PC. Please contact us for more information and our very reasonable licensing fees.

Can't I do this myself with imaging software?

Many graphics software packages enable you to do the steps that would be necessary to perform the SymFace process yourself. Most people however, aren't interested or able to manipulate images in this way and would just rather have it done for them. We don't claim that the process involved in making a SymFace picture is rocket science! But, if you don't want to learn all the image editing features, and just want to see the result, well, that's what we provide.

Symmeter is a different story. To our knowledge, there isn't a software system that offers what Symmeter does, and to do-it-yourself would require some pretty sophisticated math and programming skills. We have invested quite a bit of time and effort in both of these, but especially in the Symmeter technology. It has some very valuable business applications, and we have taken steps to protect the intellectual property that it represents.

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